Babilon MMA 28

Tomasz Babiloński returns with a gala for fans on September 25 in Legionowo. It will be a heavyweight night, because there will be 3 duels in the royal category with a limit of up to 120 kg.
In Legionowo, fans of martial arts will watch as many as 3 heavyweight matches. The octagon will feature Michał Piwowarski, a professional soldier from Szczecin, who specializes in the ground floor, and this time he will face Filip Toe (5-3) training in Warsaw.

This player, in turn, is doing great, among others in judo and … American football. Fans will also see a difficult clash between Przemek Dzwoniark, a competitor from Namysłów, who fights for the Babilon MMA federation for the first time, and Jakub Słomka, a highlander.

The third fight in the hard category will be fought by Kuba Słomka’s teammate, Marcin “Arab” Kalata and Filip “Czołg” Stawowy.

Lots of emotion in the heavyweight

Mateusz Ostrowski will fight at the Tomasz Babiloński gala for the third time. After a series of defeats, in February he broke a bad series and won with Adam “Vking” Biegański.

In Legionowo he will meet Paweł Brandys in the light heavyweight category, who has recently been taking turns winning and losing. If the statistics are to be believed, he will be victorious, which will certainly not be allowed by Mateusz “Zenek” Ostrowski.

Daniel “Rutek” Rutkowski will be present in the fight of the evening, who will face the German Rene Runge before defending the belts against Adrian Zieliński.

It promises to be a thrilling MMA match of great kickboxers who are successful in K-1. Multiple medalist of the World and European Championships (also in low kick) Róża Gumienna in the -60 kg limit will fight Magdalena Rak, the current Polish K-1 Champion and a participant in the USA – Poland match in Beloit (Wisconsin).

In the next skirmishes we will also see kickboxers, Jan Lodzik and Mateusz Białecki, who will fight in K1 Rules. The gala in Legionowo will be held with the participation of the audience (tickets are already on sale), of course, with caution and government guidelines.


Daniel “Rutek” Rutkowski (10-2-0) vs Rene Runge (9-3-0)
Filip Stawowy (6-1-0) vs Marcin Kalata (1-1-0)
Róża Gumienna (2-0-0) vs Magdalena Rak (1-0-0)
Mateusz Ostrowski (9-9-0) vs Paweł Brandys (9-7-0)
Michał Piwowarski (3-2-0) vs Filip Toe (5-3-0)
K1- Jan Lodzik (13-3-0) vs Mateusz Białecki (1-2-0)
Przemysław Dzwoniarek (1-0-0) vs Jakub Słomka (1-0-0)
Semi-pro Bartosz Szewczyk vs Piotr Mierzejewski

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