huddersfield town vs nottingham forest

The UEFA Champions League final may have been the biggest game in the soccer world this weekend, but there’s one more prize being contested — and it has a potential value in the hundreds of millions.
This isn’t just for bragging rights and additional competitive opportunities, of course. The Premier League is an incredibly profitable enterprise, and for a team moving there from the English Football League, the rewards can be immense.

The professional services company Deloitte estimates that, between broadcast rights payments (a minimum of £90 million) and “parachute payments” designed to aid the team in the event of relegation (£80 million minimum across two seasons), the winner could see a financial windfall of £170 million. If they manage to avoid immediate relegation, that number could rise to £300 million. Such a payout could be transformative, so one can expect the two teams will be going all-out on Sunday

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