NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Bengals back in top 10; Chargers take a tumble

The Packers keep on making things more intriguing than needed, yet another limited win keeps Aaron Rodgers and Co. on the NFL Power Rankings for the fifth sequential week.

Will Green Bay clutch the best position through the finish of the normal season? One slip could be everything necessary for Patrick Mahomes and the flooding Chiefs to arrive at our culmination interestingly this season.

In the interim, COVID-19 keeps on moving through the NFL with heartless effectiveness. The subsequent destruction on programs has flipped around the association and made examination progressively troublesome. Groups like the Chargers, Ravens and Saints (just to give some examples of those vigorously affected) don’t get any leniency in the NFL standings, yet we’ve endeavored to see these compromised crews in to a greater degree a higher perspective way.

Which is a meandering method of saying, no doubt, this is becoming damn close to unimaginable. We just guarantee to put forth a valiant effort.

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