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innovation, the use of logical information to the commonsense points of human existence or, as it is in some cases stated, to the change and control of the human climate.

U.S. Politics - The New York Times International
U.S. Politics – The New York Times International

The subject of innovation is treated in various articles. For general treatment, see innovation, history of; hand apparatus. For portrayal of the materials that are both the article and method for controlling the climate, see elastomers; modern earthenware production; modern glass; metallurgy; mineral store; mineral handling; mining; plastic. For the age of energy, see energy transformation; coal mining; coal use; oil creation; oil refining. For treatment of food creation, see horticulture, history of; agrarian financial aspects; beekeeping; brew; grain cultivating; espresso; business fishing; dairy cultivating; refined soul; food safeguarding; natural product cultivating; animals cultivating; poultry cultivating; soda; tea; vegetable cultivating; wine. For the strategies of development innovation, see span; building development; channels and inland streams; dam; harbors and ocean works; beacon; streets and thruways; passages and underground unearthings; natural works. For the assembling and plan of the method for transportation, see aeronautic trade; auto industry; transport development. For interchanges innovation, see broadcasting; software engineering; data handling; photography; printing; imprinting; typography; telecom. For the cycles and results of other assembling ventures, see cement; dress and footwear industry; color; hazardous; floor covering; ranger service; synthetic industry; man-made fiber; surface covering; papermaking; cleanser and cleanser; material. For clinical uses of innovation, see determination; therapeutics; drug; medication, history of; drug industry. For military applications, see military innovation. For treatment of the association of mechanical frameworks, see robotization; designing; creation framework; frameworks designing; work, history of the association of.

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